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59% of people prefer browsing ‘beautiful and well-designed’ sites than basic ones. 

(Source: Adobe)


  • Is your current website turning people away?
  • Do your website visitors still not understand what it is that you offer?
  • Have you put off having a website because the task of creating one seems daunting?

You need a combination of simple creativity & converting copy

Linda here!

I once paid $10K to learn how to craft beautiful, converting web copy. The result was ZERO!

See, I’ve been a freelance web designer for 20+ years. The keyword here is ‘designer’.

The real magic is when you combine great design with clear, converting copy.

Thanks to a mentor of mine, I’ve finally learned exactly how to combine both design and copy. 

Now I want to do the same for you!

What My Clients Can Expect

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Save Money

Every new client saves because your first 3 months of web hosting is free and includes ongoing maintenance.

Lead Generation

Your website’s copy is planned out with a specific marketing strategy that encourages your visitors to take the next step with you.

Performance Tracking

Monthly scorecards are provided so you always know how your site is performing.

Done-4-You: Combining Creativity & Strategy


Schedule a free consultation. We’ll have a conversation about where you are at with your website and explore how I may be able to assist you.


I’ll get to work on combining the words that attract your ideal client to your website and your preferred design style.


You’ll enjoy expanding your network of leads without having to do more. We’ll increase your lead generation and website traffic.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Done-For-You: I’m all about saving you time and supporting your hustle-free lifestyle. This also means you don’t need to know any tech because I’m doing all of that techie heavy-lifting.

Save Money: Your first 3 months of website hosting is free

Increased Audience: Reaching more people increases your ability to find your ideal clients, which means we increase your leads to get you more clients.

Build Authority: Be seen as an expert in your industry, so that it’s easier to turn a lead into a client.

Increase Your Email List: Have subscribers to always sell to, which builds the know-like-trust factor and makes it easier to turn a lead into a client.

Improved Google Ranking: We improve your chances of complete strangers finding you through a Google search, which results in building your authority and making it easier to turn the lead into a client.

Increased Website Traffic: This Improves your Google ranking which Increases your chances of being found via a Google search.

Website ROI: You’ll start getting clients from your website which speeds up the lead to client journey.

How to Instruction: Upon completion of your website you’ll receive videos walking you through the basics of using your website so you can always refer to these as needed.

Ongoing Support: Your first 3 months of service with me includes not only the website creation, but also free web hosting and maintenance.

for a cohesive representation that sells!


Your first 3 months are completely free when you purchase one of my website design packages. After that you get to choose the hosting package that works best for you. Click HERE to see the options now.

Yes! I’ve migrated many websites and created their new site in a way that’s not only attractive, but that actually speaks directly to your ideal client. 

I’m a firm believer in only using WordPress for the websites I create. It’s an industry standard for those that want to have a foundation that gives them the best chance for long term SEO. Many other platforms look nice aesthetically, but they are designed to work as containers that make it hard for Google to scan them. WordPress uses open source coding, which is the easiest for Google to scan and interpret what your site is all about. When Google understands what you offer it makes it that much easier for your website to show up in search results accurately.

At the end of your project, I supply you with custom videos that walk you through click-by-click how to use your website. This way you always have the videos to refer to. I’m also just an email away if you ever get stuck. I also have ongoing support and maintenance options that set you up so that you never have to touch your website again!