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It takes a lot to become great membership or online course creators. You need to have enough self-confidence in what it is you are offering. You need to overcome challenges like:

And while most online course creators are doing this, they are also juggling working another 9-5 to pay the bills, keeping up with family responsibilities which can be either raising children, dealing with a divorce or loss, or caring for aging parents. 

When you consider all of the above, you can see how important it is that the online course creator experiences big results (aka $) once they publish that online course or membership site. 

But with the never-ending size of the World Wide Web, it’s always underestimated just what it takes to make sure the right people are going to see what it is you have to offer.

This brings me to the title — the #1 mistake online course creators are making. When they are so busy with their head down in the sand creating their amazing offer, they forget the time it takes to build up an audience to sell that course to. 

They spend months and sometimes years creating their course. THEN, they realize they don’t have a captive audience to sell to. 

So what’s the solution? 

Here are my tips (as a fellow course creator, by the way):

Selling online is highly competitive. Is there enough space for you? Of course! But unlike those people that boost they just post their offer on IG and make sales in their DMs every day, I guarantee you before they started seeing serious $ from their offers, they followed a sales strategy that consisted of way more than simply posting “Buy my Stuff” on IG. 

I’m rooting for you online course creators!

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