Let’s keep it real-when we first start our online business, the last thing we want to do is spend money – we’re looking to make 💵 . Let’s check out the 7 best marketing tools for your online business.

But doing everything yourself will only get you so far. You know the time has come for you to level up and get strategic with your time management. Otherwise, it’s impossible to grow both your business and your pocketbook. 

Once I hit that point, I started looking for small, smart investments. I wanted to measure the value I would get out of the investment. 

In other words, I was looking for ROI. 

Choosing the Best Marketing Tools

Most of us would love to have someone managing our calendars and posting to all of our social media. And yes, it would save you time. But honestly, that’s not going to get you a huge ROI. 

Through trial and error, I discovered the magic formula. It laid in the combination of hiring someone with a skill set that I don’t possess who provides a service with metrics that prove the expense is worth it. 

Here’s a list of my favorite investments that fall into this category:

Copywriting – Now you and I both know that no one can talk about our business as well as we ourselves can. But there is some real value in the process I like to use; I write my blog posts and then hand them over to my copywriter. She proofreads and edits them and then uses the content to create emails and social media posts out of them. 

Let me break down just how much value that provides:

Boom. 💥 Value. 

Sales Pages – This is a big one, so I’m listing it separately, although a copywriter would do it. Also, keep in mind that not all copywriters specialize in writing sales pages. For blog posts, you need a great content writer. For sales pages, make sure you are talking to a conversion copywriter. A sales page can literally make or break a launch in your business. It’s usually the first introduction to your offer, and first impressions are everything. 

Any strategy that involves Increasing SEO – SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It can increase your ROI on the website you paid to have someone create for you. (More details on that below) Without it, no one will find your website online. The top 3 search engines, in order, are Google, YouTube, and Pinterest. Any service/marketing tool that utilizes these three will increase ROI and decrease the time you need to spend on them. 

So, what type of digital content strategies should you look for when you don’t know anything about SEO?

Additional Digital Marketing Essentials

CRM – When I started using Dubsado in my business, I realized how effective operating procedures could be. Here’s what I love about it; you map out your workflow once- create the automated workflow in Dubsado, and you are DONE! It saves you time so you can start working like a real, live CEO. 

You can check out Dubsdado for free, HERE’s the link. 

Your Website – Believe it or not, plenty of people do business without a website – even online. But if you have a website and implement a couple of the items I mentioned above, you will see it pay for itself. 

Think about how you operate at home. Something happens, and you need a professional to fix it. What do you do? Typically, we turn to Google. 

So if someone needs your service, and you don’t have an online presence, you aren’t even in the running. Many people avoid a website because they think it’s too expensive and will take too long to get done. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Sure, some agencies or individuals charge $5000+ for a basic website. And they tell you the project will take months. But I’ve been building websites for 20 years, which means I’ve streamlined my process to the point where I can complete an entire website in one day. Oh, and it costs way less than $5000. If you’re interested in finding out more, let’s talk about it HERE.

So if you’re like me and want to work smarter, not harder, check out the recommendations I’ve provided in this list. They all fit the bill.

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