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  • A wife and mother of two beautiful adult girls
  • My corporate career was in IT for 20 years
  • My 20+ yrs of entrepreneur life has included stints in:
    • Direct Sales (Beauty products)
    • Website Design & Maintenance
    • Brick & Mortar Shop Owner (Craft & Hobby Industry)
    • Product Developer
    • Online Course Creator
    • Online Business Coaching
    • Pinterest Strategist
    • Online Visibility Strategist

Can’t forget Poonchka!

The most important things my online business journey has taught me is:

-There’s more than one way to run your business…

-Anytime you can implement a marketing strategy that’s powerful and is automated, your working smarter, not harder!

I’m passionate about servicing businesses who are looking to get Repeatable Results. Nothing makes me happier than managing a team of experts to make the CEO experience fun and less stressful!

Linda-straight on

My signature service is Evolution. Because honestly, when you hone in on using our advanced marketing services, you truly see your business Evolve!