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As a 50-something I have plenty of experiences to grasp knowledge from. And I love to share that knowledge. But that doesn’t mean I can’t continue to learn. For instance, my business coach is 30+ years younger than me. Although I have years more experience than her, I still learn new things from her. It’s good to see the perspective of a 20-something and their approach to social media and business by appreciating every age. I’m always open to learning which in my opinion that keeps me ‘young’ in my mind. Because after all, life is about keeping our minds learning and growing. 

A Great Example

This past weekend I spent some time with my 80-something dad. He’s one of those people that has lived through many experiences, but he is always learning and growing. It’s so refreshing to talk to someone at that age who knows no limit to his own growth. My dad brings that unique experience to the table but still is constantly open to expanding his knowledge and experiences. I’m sure his body will give out long before his mind ever will. To me, that’s a blessing. Last year he had spent a couple months in the hospital and at one point experienced some dementia. It was so scary and something the doctors and nurses told us that the elderly experience when going through a physical ailment. Some people actually don’t ever get their mind back, but luckily he did. His time spent so ill really was a wake up call to us and I thank God that it wasn’t the end of him being here with us. Today he is as sharp as ever. He may walk a little slower, but that’s a pretty minor price to pay. He was telling me about how he’s working on learning how to use the computer. Reading every day, loving to share what he learns from the books he reads. Not just for additional income, he still works because he loves people and being productive. Still learning and growing. So whether you are a 70-something or a tween, I hope you are appreciating every age and the value that every age has to offer.

Check Yourself

Playing in this game of life I think it’s important to respect everyone at every age. We all have something unique to offer. There are always new ways to do things. It’s important to keep up with changes. It’s part of the journey. Appreciating every age is the way to be successful.

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