I recall a year or two ago when others started talking about repurposing their content. At the time I had already formulated my own framework for repurposing, however, my focus was to put that content on search engine platforms like Pinterest. 

There is a difference. 

Repurposing looks something like this:

drawing of how repurposing content works

They create content and put it on their website and/or email it to their list. Then they repurpose it on their social media profiles like Facebook and Instagram. 

But here’s the reality – that content on the social media platforms is only seen by a small percentage of their audience. And more importantly, the average post has a shelf life of about 4 hours. If you’re really lucky and the algorithm gods play nice it can live as long as 48 hours. So basically, as the image depicts, your content goes to the graveyard.

Oh, and that website content…if you put it there and don’t direct people to it, it’s never seen.

In comparison, let’s look at the power of Evergreen marketing:

drawing of evergreen marketing

When you put that same content on Pinterest or YouTube, the shelf life is basically FOREVER. It continues to work for you consistently without an end date. 

I’ve also done you the favor of listing all of the other benefits in the above image. 

Do you now see how much more powerful Evergreen marketing is compared to simply repurposing?

Are you ready for evergreen marketing? If so, then book a call with me to discover what your evergreen marketing strategy will look like.