In the online business world things are always evolving. So much is happening. One thing is dying while another is going viral. 

When it comes to reading these trends, I prefer to turn to those in my industry who I completely respect. Therefore, as I provide you with my own list and observations, I’ll also provide you with a link to read what other industry experts have to say. 


One thing that has been a constant in the online marketing world is Email marketing. Numbers don’t lie, and the statistics show that email marketing provides one of the best ROIs. If you think about it, it makes sense. Build a list of your ideal clients and let them get to know you and what you do. Over time, when they are ready to buy you would already be top-of-mind for them to work with you. According to an industry study that Neal Patel ran, 56% of companies plan to increase their email marketing budget in 2023. So I think it’s safe to say that email marketing isn’t going away anytime soon.

With the value that blogging brings, this long-form content strategy is another tool you don’t want to overlook. Julia McCoy from Content Hacker ran a fascinating study that compares real-life results from both short-form and long-form content. If you’re big on ‘show me the money’ proof, Julia reports:


Pretty impressive, right!?! I highly recommend reading the complete study that Julia did when you are making your 2023 marketing budget decisions.


Good news for those that haven’t started their own podcast just yet. The podcasting industry isn’t saturated just yet, so there’s still time. But I wouldn’t sit on your laurels if I were you. According to Neal Patel’s study, 92% of marketers are increasing their 2023 budget for podcasting. This tells me now is the time to jump into using this marketing tool before the industry becomes saturated. 


Video marketing – both short and long-form, are still very popular. However, the studies show that although the popularity of platforms like Tik-Tok where they feature short-form content aren’t getting the bang for their buck like long-form content. My recommendation is to continue to create that long-form video and then use edits from that same video to create your short-form videos. It’s a better use of your time and allows you to measure how both do so you can see which one is going to bring in the most ROI. 


The type of content you create is just as important as the platform you put that content on. This is where a smart evergreen marketing strategy comes into play. Good marketers know that you need to be very strategic when planning your content. 


Because Pinterest is actually a search engine platform, not to mention that paid ads on the platform are less expensive than other platforms, there’s going to be an increase in people using Pinterest in their overall marketing plan. This is because not only do you get to tap into the power of SEO, but it’s ideal as an evergreen plan to support your website ROI.


Google’s #2 search engine platform plays an important role in the marketer’s evergreen strategy. Just like Pinterest, it relies on SEO, supports your websites ROI, and allows you to tap into both short and long-form content sharing. 

There’s lots to learn from case studies and surveys when making your 2023 marketing and budgeting decisions. I hope you’ve found as much use in this content like I did. 

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