Launch Success Planning!

If you are anticipating going into a Launch for your course or services, do you have a plan?

Know all the pieces you need to have in place to make it a success?

Know what emails to write to your subscribers and how often?


Here are just some of the things you need to plan for:

*Determining HOW you will kickoff the Launch. Will you do a Webinar, Masterclass, Challenge or something else?

*Writing anywhere between 9-16 emails

*What to SAY in each email that will entice those subscribers to stick around

*How to schedule all those emails to coordinate with the Launch

*Keeping track of what you have done and still have to do

And the Launch Plan doesn't even take into consideration the list of to-do's for the actual kick-off Event!

This is exactly why I created the: 

Only $129

You’ve spent so much time creating your amazing online course or services. If you don’t put the same amount of effort into your launch, unfortunately you are going to hear nothing but crickets. 


Nobody wants that!


The Launch Success Planner will:

-Save you Time

-Save you the Guesswork

-Keep you Organized

-Make it 10X easier to solicit the help of your staff

Only $129

The Launch Success Planner includes:

  • Instructional PDF that helps you gather all the information you need and tells you the type of emails to write, in what order and how many.
  • Canva Calendar Template. The calendar template provides you with both a sample layout of when to schedule each email, as well as a blank calendar for you to use to plug in your own Launch dates and tasks

Only $129