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BeTru2You Podcast

According to Marketing Signals, about 90% of new businesses fail after just 120 days. This is one statistic the U.S. and online entrepreneurs don’t want to be part of. Your success will weigh heavily on how you will decide to market yourself online. In the ever-changing online business space now more than ever people are craving authenticity. But how do you incorporate that into your marketing? Each week I speak with business owners I consider authentic and we talk about what’s working for them.

BeTru2You is about encouraging you to figure out what lights you up. We will talk business, marketing and MINDSET. Because honestly, every aspect of my life has improved since including mindset work into my daily routine. I want to empower you to figure out what it is you are destined to do in this world and help you with tips and tools to make it happen. 

Welcome to the show! I’m your host, Linda Barutha, and I look forward to helping you succeed.