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What Do Boy Bands Have to Do With Authenticity

with Nicole Batey

Nicole Batey: What Do Boy Bands Have to Do With Authenticity

When boy bands are mentioned, we usually think of music, fame, and pop culture. You might think “what do boy bands such as *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys have to do with my business?” Well, what if I told you that boy bands can actually help you and your business be more authentic, in turn, be more successful.

If you’re looking to create a high vibe virtual experience for your group coaching program, then consider Nicole Batey your new biz girlfriend. Nicole and her Team helps female online coaches host live virtual events and retreats that leave their prospects and clients in awe of their experience. From guest management to live video production, she makes it easy for you to be yourself and attract all your best prospects to your group coaching program. And the Party doesn’t stop after the Event is over. You’ll get your time and energy back to crush it for your new clients – all the while Nicole and her Team keep the momentum going by building consistent content through repurposing and creating intimate virtual retreats that’ll leave your clients enchanted by your program. When not she’s not producing 5 (and 6 figure) Virtual Events, you’ll find Nicole sitting VIP at a Backstreet Boys concert (post COVID, of course) or handing a hammer and nails to her awesome husband during another home renovation project.

Are you a boy band fan and a business owner at the same time? Then, take a listen to this week’s episode of Authentic Online Marketing.

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