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How Our Brain Chemicals Can Improve Our Referral Networking

with Michael Griffiths

Michael Griffiths: How Our Brain Chemicals Can Improve Our Referral Networking

Subconsciously, we connect with people that are similar to us. We don’t know why, but we just do. To teach us about the chemicals in our brain that lead to this and to the success of our referral networking, our guest this week is Michael Griffiths.

Impact driven coaches, consultants & professional service providers hire Michael to get a flood of referrals, keep their clients longer and have better engagement, while creating more word of mouth opportunities than ever before, so they can fast track their business growth and make more money.

Michael shows them how to tap into the Limbic part of the brain, which controls all human behaviour by evoking brain chemicals that will accelerate someone’s profound loyalty, overwhelming trust and deep emotional bonds towards you.

The bottom line is… it’s the moments that people remember when you make them feel a particular way, that truly quadruples your referrals guaranteed!

If this sounds interesting and you want to dive more into this tropic, listen to this week’s episode of BeTru2You!


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