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The Journey from Burnout to Sustainable Business

with Mimika Cooney

The Journey from Burnout to Sustainable Business with Mimika Cooney:

We believe that to be successful, we always have to be ready to “Go! Go! Go!” However, that’s not necessarily true because this would most likely lead you to a burnout, something that we all don’t want but happens to the best of us. Sharing her journey from burnout to sustainability, we have Mimika Cooney in today’s episode of BeTru2You. Mimika Cooney is a leading faith-based Mindset Metacog Trainer and High Performance Coach. Known as the “Personal Trainer for your Mind”, she empowers ambitious Christian women to unstick their minds, develop emotional resilience, and unlock peak performance by teaching them how to rewire their brain.

In this episode, she reveals how she recovered from her burnout and how she’s helping others to avoid this and/or to recover from it as well. So, take a listen to the podcast and learn more!


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