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Learn how analyzing the client experience can help in all aspects of your business

with Alicia Lozano

Alicia Lozano

Learn how analyzing the client experience can help in all aspects of your business with Alicia Lozano:

There are many things that can help business owners improve their businesses, but one of the most important ones is the client’s feedback and experience. It allows business owners to reflect on the products and/or services they offer and improve from that. To understand this concept better, we have Alicia Lozano in this episode helping us in all aspects of our business.

Alicia Lozano is a Business Operations Consultant that supports emerging agencies elevate their business processes to match their agencies value. Her company’s party trick is that they give emerging agencies a personalized action plan for systematizing their backend operations so that they can increase revenue and make more impact.

You can find her strategizing about how to best streamline your business and then rolling up her sleeves to do the work it takes to bring your vision to life. You were born a visionary and she was born to integrate. She is the creator of The Business FLOW framework, a Business-Design framework she uses to transform the operations of your business. Her credentials include a graduate degree in Organizational Development and Leadership, seven years of Human Resources, corporate coaching, consulting, and training.

Alicia is a wife, dog-mom to four rescue pups, and enjoys a good enchilada plate! Alicia is on a mission to make entrepreneurship more sustainable for the CEOs who dream of freedom and have the grit to get it done. 

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