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Bring Who You Really Are to Your Outward Appearance

with Imogen Lamport

Imogen Lamport

Bring Who You Really Are to Your Outward Appearance with Imogen Lamport:

Our wardrobe is not only a determinant of our outer self but of our inner self as well. It expresses our character and personality, in turn, boosts our confidence. Imogen Lamport talks about appearance and our perception of ourselves relating to clothes. 

Imogen Lamport is an international industry award-winning Image consultant, international speaker, personal styling trainer and author of 4 books as well as the online encyclopaedia of colour and style – Inside Out Style.    With over 18 years as an image consultant and image trainer, Imogen is passionate about helping expert visionary women express their brilliance that’s in alignment on the outside with who they are on the inside to create authentic inspirational personal brands.

If you want to dress the part of a CEO or just bring out the true authentic you, head on to BeTru2You and listen to today’s podcast episode.


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