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Conversations that Convert Online

with Elizabeth Yang

Elizabeth Yang

Conversations that Convert Online with Elizabeth Yang:

How do you turn conversations into sales? What do you say? What are conversations that convert? Elizabeth Yang has the answers for you, and it’s human connection. In this week’s episode, Elizabeth shares how to lead conversations with sales. 

Elizabeth Yang is an online business strategist and monetization expert helping purpose-driven, diverse entrepreneurs grow their leadership and elevate their message to turn premium customer YESES into happy sales online. She’s the founder of Inclusive Social Selling and the CEO of Better With Company, a high-touch business coaching and training agency. She specializes in the customer mindset to charging more, high flow performance, leadership, and talent & team optimization. She has 10 years of experience in innovation and product marketing with Fortune 10 companies. Others describe her as an energetic and passionate speaker, trainer, mentor, and powerhouse. Most recently she was called the “Monetization Queen” thanks to her ability to help clients charge 2X-25X more creating premium brands.

Elizabeth is the creator of the Customer YES! Lab, a 12-month online business mentoring accelerator that helps diverse entrepreneurs launch online to diversify their income streams with in-person and online services to maximize their income and impact. She’s also the founder of Hmong Women Take on the World, a Global Online Leadership Summit that brings hundreds together to globally celebrate women and girls across 8 countries.


She’s helped clients and companies become better leaders, build winning teams, and achieve sales growth with better customer experiences, relationship marketing, and product communities. She’s trained in Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP), Tiny Habits, Gallup’s Builder Profile 10 Talents, and Predictive Index.


She lives in Minneapolis with her family. She enjoys reading, music, traveling, and hula hooping. Hearty laughs are what’s most incredible in her life and network. Connect with her at

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