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HECK YES! Simple, Repeatable & Sustainable Marketing System

with Melissa Mitchell

Melissa Mitchell

HECK YES! Simple, Repeatable & Sustainable Marketing System:

Looking for new strategies for your business? Well, BeTru2You got you! In this week’s episode, Melissa Mitchell discusses video systems that can effectively market your business. 

Melissa Mitchell is a YouTube expert and owner of Wandermint Creative. She specializes in helping online entrepreneurs and coaches build organic lead generation machines with YouTube. She offers a variety of video services including helping you produce 6 months of specifically written, filmed, and targeted videos that will bring you leads on autopilot (Yep! Even when you’re sleeping). Her goal is to help you take back time in your business by creating single, repeatable and sustainable video systems that make content creation and lead generation a breeze!

She is sharing some of her best tips and strategies to use video marketing for your business. Take a listen!


You can sign up for her free masterclass to learn the 3-phase video lead machine method here:


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