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Learn how the power of video podcasting leads to business expansion

with Jocelyn Montemarano

Jocelyn Montemarano

Learn how the power of video podcasting leads to business expansion:

In business, nothing is constant. You must always adapt and innovate; hence, it’s important to branch out and expand your business through various strategies and systems. In this week’s episode, Jocelyn Montemarano joins us to tell us more about video podcasts and how it can be a powerful tool for business owners like us. 

Jocelyn Montemarano is the founder, award-winning content strategist, dedicated tea drinker, and outdoor enthusiast of Connect Through Content.

In the digital marketing world of trends, algorithms, and pressure to be online 24/7, Jocelyn is known for empowering experts to simplify their marketing and show up online in a more purposeful way. 

She supports rising thought leaders create a video podcast show so you can stand out, connect with more of the right people, and generate consistent organic leads and sales with ease — without stressing about the latest Instagram algorithm or iOS updates.⁠

Using her Profitable Content Ecosystem™,  you get a strategy that’s designed to position you as a sought-after thought-leader, cultivate an engaged online community, and provide you with a consistent and diverse source of traffic, leads, and sales, so you can scale sustainably and build a lasting brand.  

When she’s offline, you can find Jocelyn spending time in nature, whether that’s on a hike, on a SUP, or snowboarding. If she’s not there, she’s curled up on the couch with her rescue pup, Tucker, and the latest book from Reese Witherspoon’s book club or rewatching Schitt’s Creek.

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