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The Key to Eliminating Overwhelm and Burnout

with Cory Zacker

Cory Zacker

The Key to Eliminating Overwhelm and Burnout:

Living in the Hustle Culture, the grind never stops, which in turn, leads to burnout almost all the time. Everyone experiences overwhelm and burnout at some point, but what can we do to avoid reaching our draining point? To help us with this, we have Cory Zacker to discuss the key to eliminating overwhelm and burnout.

Cory Zacker is a business consultant and strategist, as well as a certified Positive Psychology coach. She helps brilliant, female service providers grow, nurture, and manage their business with personalized growth strategies and business mindset coaching. With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, Cory uses her business wisdom plus her warmth and humor to help entrepreneurs align with their core values, simplify their systems, and manage and grow their teams all while reducing the stress and overwhelm of growing their thriving business.

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Crazy to C.A.L.M. – Tips & Tools to Get You Out of the Overwhelm in Your Business and Your Life

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