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Episode #01

My Discovery of Repeatable Results

Episode #02

Is Social Media Stifling Your Growth?

Episode #03

Leverage Your Existing Content for SEO

Episode #04

Evolution: Jocelyn Montemarano Shares Her Repeatable Results

Episode #05

Uncovering the Golden Gems of Content that can be Turned Into Repeatable Results

Episode #06

Flip Your Marketing With Strategy

Episode #07

Evolution: How a Consistent Conversion Event Creates Repeatable Results For Encore Empire

Episode #08

The Highs and Lows Of An SEO Journey

About The Show

As online business owners, it can feel like there’s a never-ending list of marketing tactics we “should” be using.

But not all marketing strategies are created equally.

Your host, Linda Barutha, an evergreen marketing strategist with 20 years of experience, and her guests, explore the specific marketing strategies that generate Repeatable Results, providing long-term ROI without extra effort.

No more relying on social media that forces you to constantly create more and more content to feed the algorithms, only for it to give you results for 24 hours.

Linda is the founder of Easy Evergreen, a done-for-you content marketing agency that leverages the powers of SEO to support highly successful entrepreneurs to scale their businesses.

You can learn more and apply to work with Linda and her team at