Crack the Code to Consistent New Leads for your Online Business


You’ve been in your business for awhile now.

You have a website.

You have plenty of content already created and out on a platform (emails, blog posts, video)

You're looking for a way to reach a wider audience! You CRAVE more Leads!

PintoWin is a concierge service that takes your existing content (blog posts, lead magnets, video or podcasts) and turns them into Pinterest pins that use the power of SEO to drive all new, consistent traffic to your website. More eyes on your offerings = increased sales opportunities.

This translates to improved Google rankings thanks to the SEO power of Pinterest!

Sound like something you've been looking for? Then let's talk about it!

This is what ‘working smarter’ looks like with Pin2Win:

Results like this could be yours:

This was a brand new account and shows the total outbound clicks over about 9-1/2 months. An outbound click means someone didn’t just ‘look’ at your pin — they also clicked on it to check out the source (aka, your website). I dare you to have 5,780 people click over to your website within the same amount of time on a social media platform.

Are you Ready?

Frequently Asked Questions

Blog posts, lead magnets, podcast episodes, YouTube videos, IG Reels. Almost any type of content can be shared on Pinterest when done correctly.

Unfortunately, everyone’s account and situation is different, which means there’s no way for us to predict your results. Just like when you prepare a live launch, the outcome can’t be predetermined, but every possible task that can lead to great results is done.

Unless your VA has been trained as a Pinterest Strategist, the answer is no. The service our strategist provides isn’t a ‘set-it and forget-it’ process. They literally have to perform tasks on your Pinterest account daily in order to get you the results. They are also trained in how to measure results and make adjustments as needed.