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Email collection setup for the non-technical can be intimidating and overwhelming. But here’s what I know and can help with when it comes to tech support: 

Email is the #1 way people are going to find you and get to know you in the online world. 

So you need to make this happen if you are using the internet for your business. Period.

Now you’re thinking “easy for you to say”. True. But I’ve tackled plenty of things I had no experience with. And that’s why I want to provide you with the quickest path to getting this necessary deed done.

Tech Support Questions and Answers:

What’s the best email marketing software to use?

Personally, I recommend ConvertKit which will cost you $49/month. It’s powerful, visual and you won’t have to upgrade to anything more robust for many years. It starts out as a free version, and then when you want to start using the powerful automation options you start the monthly fee. Get started here for free.

  1. Is there a FREE option?

Yes! If money is an issue, then I would first recommend you start with ConvertKit simply because this way you will avoid ever having to switch providers later. Every email service provider that offers a free version is going to still require you to start paying when you want to use their premium services, like automation. So it only makes sense that you start with the best company right off the bat and avoid having to migrate over later.

  1. Do I have to have a website to get started with email marketing?

YES! And here’s why. The rules of email marketing have changed over the years. You can’t be using your Gmail or Yahoo account with your email marketing software to send out emails. So my advice is, get that website done! Even if it’s a simple one-page design. I actually do website design in a Done for You program. If you want to consider it, here’s a link to my questionnaire:

So, back to the original reason I’m writing this. If you are intimidated by tech, the #1 best solution for you is to have a Virtual Assistant do the setup for you! In my VA Agency, I have VA’s that I subcontract out to people like you that just want it done for them. No sweat! No long wait to start the journey of collecting emails! If this is something you would be interested in, give me a call and I’ll help you out with tech support!

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