True story. Over the course of 20+ years I’ve dabbled and then got serious about being an entrepreneur. And during all of those years I’ve heard over and over again how you need to figure out who your ideal client is. But none of it resonated with me. Figuring out where they shop or eat? Really!?! Knowing the type of magazines they like to read? Speaking to their pain? None of this ever made sense to me. 

The past couple of years I’ve gotten very serious about mastering this online entrepreneurship. Over this time, I found the key to being successful. I invested tens of thousands of dollars into coaching programs. So when I signed up for yet another coaching program (offered by an acquaintance – now friend – that I met in a previous coaching program), I thought it was kind of crazy. I mean, I know everything already, right? She’s my peer. Why do I need to spend more money for things I already know?

In the first week of her training she talked about the “ideal client” (she actually broke it down into who is your “perfect client”). I could have skipped this part because let’s be honest — I’ve heard it all before. But this time she made one statement that made all the difference. She said, “speak to the transformation they will have when working with you.”

Ah ha! The light went on in my head! And here’s why:

The Key Is In The End – Success in Business

If you focus on the END you get them to start with you! THAT MAKES SENSE! The key is in the end! Think about how the universe works. When you are setting a goal, you start by declaring the END goal. Then you work backwards. If I want to manifest success, no matter what it is, I have to start with envisioning the GOAL. If I want to lose weight, I need to first determine how much weight I want to lose and visualize accomplishing that end result. Pull out an old picture of myself at that ideal weight and focus on it. All…the…time.

You can apply this concept to everything in your life! Try it!

So how does this apply to me, my ideal client and how I create content for them? Easy! Speak about the end! Talk about what their life is going to be like once they have completed your course or services. Show them a picture with your words (aka, storytelling). 

When I put my focus on the end results for my clients, then I will be attracting them. It’s inevitable! So the next time you sit down to create content – whether it’s an email, blog post or social media – start by speaking to one specific result your offer provides, start with the mentality that the key is in the end. Those that want that type of result are going to naturally gravitate towards you. 

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