Like everything else in life, there’s a wrong way and a right way to do things, especially when you are building a business. This message is specifically to all of those building an online business.

My beautiful friend, Monica, has been building her business with honesty and integrity. She shows up as her authentic self online, and is a great example of how to build a business the right way. Recently, however, she has been a victim of someone not only copying her branding images and her online programs, but now even her email copies — word for word.

The wrong way to build a business: plagiarism

Can you say “PLAGIARISM”?

I get it. Starting to build a business online, especially when you are new to it, is difficult. It takes time to educate yourself on all the ins and outs. But looking for a shortcut by blatantly copying someone you admire online isn’t flattery. It’s just plain wrong.

The only real way to guarantee success in anything you tackle in life is by being authentically YOU!

Monica isn’t the first person to have this happen to her. I’ve had both friends and clients who have had their designs and artwork stolen online.

What can we do about it?



That’s the reason I’m writing this today. I know my followers are authentic, honest people who want to do things right. That’s why I treasure you!
Build a business the right way.

But let’s put a stop to these crimes. Let’s speak out against it so those that are doing it think twice.

If you agree, let’s get this message across and protect those who work hard to grow their businesses authentically, using their own unique skills and attributes. Let’s stand up for those who have been taken advantage of and are trying to build a business up after plagerism.

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