Doesn’t everyone want peace and ease in their business?

Let me share with you a common theme I see with online business owners when they realize they are ready to scale their business. 

Mary {fictitious name} is an online coach. She has experienced a steady stream of clients which is super-awesome! 

Her day-to-day life is filled with taking care of her clients and since things have been going okay, she doesn’t see the need to do anything further for her business. 

Then one day she wakes up to multiple new clients…making her total client roster for 1:1 services literally unmanageable. 

Sounds like a good problem to have, right?

“You either have TIME or MONEY…usually never both at the same time”

But when she looks at her income and thinks about the potential, she realizes that she needs to do things differently. 

When Mary had a handful of clients it was easy to stay on top of things. 

But now, with literally ALL of her time filled with existing client work, onboarding new clients, overseeing her invoicing and staying on top of marketing her business, she’s stressed, overworked and feels completely buried. 

To top it off, she has aspirations of making more money, but how can she when there aren’t enough hours in the day to take on anymore clients?

So, she decides she needs to scale her business. 

But what does this look like?

Mary doesn’t want to bring in more coaches because her people love her and she really doesn’t want to give up working with them anyways. 

But something has to give.

Group coaching and maybe even a membership will provide the solution. 

Regardless of how she restructures her offers, there needs to be support for the backend of her business so she can focus on why she even started her business to begin with. 

This is the point where I’m able to help people like Mary. 

And this is an example of what my client’s situation looks like prior to our meeting. 

When I meet with people like Mary, I take a close look at what they’ve already been doing to gain clients and find out what it is that lights them up when it comes to content creation. 


Because one of the big monkeys on her back is having time to market her business. If we can streamline that into a foundational process then she can rest assured that the marketing is happening without her daily involvement. 

Peace and ease.

woman at peace

In addition to marketing and strategy, I coach my clients on other business foundations that they could implement to give them even more peace and ease. 

Sometimes that means I refer them to a colleague. My network is vast and I thrive on maintaining those relationships. 

The majority of online business owners wait to have their business foundations in place until it’s absolutely necessary. Makes sense when you are first building your business. 

If you find yourself in a place where the money is coming in but your time is in very short supply, let’s chat. 

I can get you to that place of peace and ease in running your business. 

Book a discovery call with me if you’re ready!